Publish :  2021

Pages :  60

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By    Daniel Weisbeck

When the virus returns, she is called by her Sanctuary to Ascend as her duty to save humanity. Her lover has other plans. 'Weisbeck’s novella, which takes place before the series’ second installment, Oasis One(2020), is a sublime love story.' -Kirkus “Duty with Dignity. Let us help you help others." The deadly FossilFlu virus, which brought humanity to the brink of extinction, has found its way inside the Sanctuary of Asia's walls. Now every citizen must do their duty to stop a second pandemic. Liza Lee has been called to participate in the Ascension program in the name of saving humanity. But Henry Ford is having nothing of it. He has a plan to save her so they can be together. Ascension is Prequel in the universe of the Children of the Miracle series. Ascension takes place one hundred years earlier in the series, when the Sanctuary of Asia is grappling with trying to stop the first pandemic. ReadersFavoriteReview: "...packs a powerful punch...There’s a profound sense of urgency conveyed by the narrative that’s utterly irresistible...hauntingly relevant to the times in which we currently live." The Children of the Miracle Series: Book One: Children of the Miracle Book Two: Oasis One Prequel One: Ascension


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