Publish :  2020

Pages :  370

Download :  430

Evocatus Inception

By    Steven J. Daniels

Retired CIA Officer Woody Travis is living on his fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico and enjoying life. He is recruited by his former CIA mentor to lead a team of mercenaries to execute the most lethal black operation in history. Woody's former colleagues in the Clandestine Service Lauren Hunter and Sam Saunders join him and help steer the mission towards a dramatic and horrific conclusion. In the CIA, this group of assassins earned the nickname: "The Awesome Threesome". Kirk Dolan, Special Agent-in-Charge of the FBI's New York Anti-Terrorism Office is on the trail of the mercenaries. Dolan suspects Travis and his team are working with international Muslim terrorists and plotting an attack on US soil. Dolan is a hard-nosed relentless investigator motivated to stop them--at all costs. This fast-paced thriller blurs the line between duty and morals, good and evil, and state-sanctioned killing and cold-blooded murder. The story is a captivating "how-done-it" which pulls back the veil of secrecy surrounding intelligence agency operations and gives the reader insight into the murky world of espionage.


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