Publish :  1932

Pages :  37

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Hellhounds of the Cosmos

By    Clifford Donald Simak

Weird are the conditions of the interdimensional struggle faced by Dr. White's ninety-nine men.

ncerned it would have no mass. The same is true of the other dimensions. Similarly a being of a lesser plane could not harm an inhabitant of a higher plane. It is apparent that while the Horror has lost one material dimension, it has retained certain fourth-dimensional properties which make it invulnerable to the forces at the command of our plane." The newspaperman was now sitting on the edge of his chair. "But," he asked breathlessly, "it all sounds so hopeless. What can be done about it?" Dr. White hitched his chair closer and his fingers closed with a fierce grasp upon the other's knee. A militant boom came into his voice. "My boy," he said, "we are to strike back. We are going to invade the fourth-dimensional plane of these hellhounds. We are going to make them feel our strength. We are going to strike back." Henry Woods sprang to his feet. "How?" he shouted. "Have you...?" Dr. White nodded. "I have found a way to send the third-dimensional into the


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