Publish :  2023

Pages :  452

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Forbidden Rock and Roll

A Stain On The Red Banner, Book 1

By    Polina Krymskaya

In a small Soviet town, ninth-grader Seva Temkin finds solace in his friendship with Zhenya Smirnov. Gradually, he realizes his feelings for Zhenya have become complicated. Grappling with hidden emotions and societal norms, Seva withdraws into his art, straining the boys' bond. Just as they prepare to confront their truths, an unexpected event forces Seva to retreat, leaving their relationship uncertain. Seva rebuilds his life with the help of a classmate and distracts himself with a new romance with Alina Denikina. Meanwhile, Zhenya realizes the depth of their friendship, but their hidden desires face obstacles due to Seva dating Alina. Months later, a scandal threatens to expose the boys' feelings, which would have tragic consequences. Polina Krymskaya's "Forbidden Rock and Roll" is a poignant coming-of-age tale set in a repressive society, exploring love, friendship, and the resilience of youth. It delves into the transformative power of acceptance and the price individuals pay for embracing their true selves in the face of adversity.


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