Publish :  2023

Pages :  458

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The New Age Series, Book 1

By    Nicolette Fuller

After the world ended and mankind fell, Professor Dorian rose from the ashes to create a new dawn. In doing so he created the peacekeepers, and Hokura: the perfect being who held more importance than she would ever know. As she's thrown into training and life as a peacekeeper, she comes to realize there's something that sets her apart from the others. Lost in an array of emotions, she feels the only one she can turn to is her creator and mentor, the man who holds her fate in his grips. In a compound built on secrets and lies, Hokura finds out there's more to their missions than scouting for rebels breaching the walls. Amid love, lies, deceit and betrayal, she comes to realize that where one secret ends, another begins and the one holding all the answers is the professor. A fast-paced, thought-provoking science fiction adventure, Nicolette Fuller's 'Genesis' is a must-read for anyone who loves dystopian fiction. It's a story about the resilience of the human spirit, the power of friendship and teamwork, and the importance of never giving up hope, no matter how dire the situation may seem.


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