Publish :  1952

Pages :  43

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''And That's How It Was, Officer''

By    Ralph Sholto

When Uncle Peter decided to clean out the underworld, it was a fine thing for the town, but it was tough on the folks in Tibet.

Joy's eyes were upon mine. "Darling! I didn't have the least idea. Why, it's going to be wonderful! Never a dull moment!" I kissed my bride, after which she said, "I think I could do with a drink, sweetheart." "Your wish is my command." I got up and started toward the liquor supply inside the house. Joy's soft call stopped me. "What is it, angel?" I inquired. "Not just a drink, sweet. Bring the bottle." I went into the kitchen and got a bottle of brandy. But upon returning, I discovered I'd neglected to bring glasses. But Joy took the bottle from me in a rather dazed manner, knocked off the neck against a leg of the bench and tipped the bottle to her beautiful lips. She took a pull of brandy large enough to ward off the worst case of pneumonia and then passed the bottle to Bag Ears. "Drink hearty, pal," she murmured, and sort of sank down into herself. I never got my turn at the bott


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