Publish :  2016

Pages :  336

Download :  2,799

When Totems Fall

By    Wayne C Stewart

"A page-turning thriller with dueling protagonists and a tech quotient high enough to satisfy fans of even the hardest science fiction." - Independent Book Review He believed his breakthrough AI might someday change the world. It finally has. And now 50,000 Chinese soldiers stand guard over American soil. Seattle. Terror Wars Vet Zeb Dalton traded a decade of sand, blood, and religious extremism for one simple request: to be left alone. Home but not at peace, the newly retired signal corpsman awakens to the horrors of a Chinese invasion of the western third of his home state. But PRC aggressions are about to turn more than personal, as the code responsible for sidelining America’s nuclear deterrent is all too familiar. And more powerful than he’d ever imagined. Beijing. For years, rising tech star Junjie Zang remained silent, accepting his leaders’ humanitarian claims while enjoying new-found wealth and status. Now he’s appalled at what his silence has brought upon humanity. Seeking a reversal of his country's actions, Zang is on the run. But hope fades quickly along with coworker's mysterious deaths. And the realization that his name is next on the list. As a completely reset world stage hangs in the balance, one man must trust his enemy. The other must destroy what he has trusted in. Book 1 in the Zeb Dalton Thrillers satisfies readers with breakneck pacing, action, and intrigue. Buy Totems now and get started on the series hailed as "Yes... just, yes."


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